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We strongly believe in superior technical support behind every product we make, that's why we constantly developing new documentation and software to deliver any answer to any question that appear during design, installation and employment of our products. Our commitment to innovation keeps you on the cutting edge of lighting technology. We work constantly to create new solutions and to upgrade our existing product line.

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To help our partners get the most out of our lighting systems, we now offer specialized training sessions. Each session is tailored to match your interests and expertise, lasts 1-2 days, and covers topics such as:

Programming and operating controllers
Installation, servicing, and maintaining lighting systems
Operating lighting systems using a PC
Overview of new products

In order to guarantee quality service, all of our authorized service centers undergo training. We also recommend engineers, factory representatives, architects, and managers attend a training session to get a full understanding of our products.
Marlin Authorized Service Center Training
Lighting design software
Virtual Controllers
Complete set of data sheets and brochures containing all nesessary information about individual products as well as a system. We also provide interactive CDs that contain how-to guides and documentation. Using these CDs, you can share what you've learned with the rest of your team. Now with this neat software electrical engineers can design custom lighting control system, and create all nesessary documentation. Now you don't need to come to controller to change settings or reset system. It's virtual brother which gives you full control over entire dimming system directly from your PC.

If you are interested in attending a training session or would like to obtain a CD, please contact us

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