Pegasus HC Lighting Control Panel 16, 32

The Pegasus HC Lighting Control Panel drives up to 32 relays, each rated 20 amps, with an integrated time clock and photocell input. Users can manually switch outputs on or off from a remote pushbutton controller, or create time and photocell events using the Hercules Programmable Controller for automated lighting control. The Pegasus can also drive momentary circuit breakers such as the Smart Breakerâ„¢ by Cutler-Hammer.

DC III Relay Board

The DC III Relay Board is a small device that is making a huge impact in lighting. It can be used in a wide variety of applications to switch fluorescents, HIDs, parking lot lights and signage, to name a few. The relays may also be deployed to manage other systems such as presentation screens, shutters, blinds, and many other motorized devices. Plus, the DC III Relay Board can integrate nicely with your Marlin Controls dimming system to create a complete dimming and switching network.

DC IV Relay Board

Pegasus LC Lighting Control Panel

The Pegasus LC Lighting Control Panel drives one DC II relay, controlled by Hercules Programmable Controller installed on the front of the panel.

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