RCS I controllers

• 8 presets, plus master on/off
• 4 presets,4-zone raise/lower, and master on/off
• 4 presets, 2-zone raise/lower, and master on/off
• 4 presets, 1-zone raise/lower, and master on/off

Customizability equals flexibility, which equals freedom. With our customizable lighting control systems, you get the freedom to control your lighting system exactly the way you want. Use the RCS I as a remote preset recall station to allow multiple points of access throughout your facility, or use it as a main controller in a four-zone room. The freedom is at your fingertips.

RMS 4, 8, 12 Master Control Stations

“Is it easy to operate?” That’s the question we asked ourselves when we designed the Remote Manual Slider. At the same time, we wanted to create something powerful enough to fit in any dimming application. So, we came up with an eight-preset master station, with individual zone adjustability, in three sizes: a four-slider control for four zones (RMS 4), an eight-slider control for up to 64 zones (RMS 8), and a 12-slider control for up to 96 zones (RMS 12). We put digital bar graph readouts of the light levels, so users could always see the current light level in each zone. Then, we added an infrared receiver so users could recall a preset with any TV remote. Easy? Maybe, but not ordinary.

REC Control Station

Have you ever noticed how accessories can sometimes become necessities? For instance, would you buy a computer and choose not to purchase the mouse, which is offered for your convenience? The Remote Entry Controller (REC) is one of those accessories that can be an invaluable asset to your lighting system. This compact controller features two buttons for recalling preprogrammed On and Off scenes, perfect for any application. Reach your system's maximum potential for convenience by using the REC.

RAC Control Station

You have six ballrooms, three business conferences, one frantic wedding reception, and two minutes to set up the rooms. What do you do? If you're using the Room Assignment Controller (RAC) by Marlin Controls, you don't panic about the lights. The RAC will allow you to easily create any combination of rooms by pressing a few buttons. You can combine and separate up to eight rooms with the simple and sleek 10-button keypad. We also offer to custom engrave the names of your rooms onto the faceplate for even more simplicity of use, leaving you a minute and a half to panic about something other than the lighting.

Hercules Programmable Controller

According to legend, Hercules performed 12 miraculous labors with extraordinary strength. Today, the Hercules Programmable Controller performs another labor, in a small package, but still with extraordinary strength: making your lighting system run according to your schedule, and not the other way around. It automates your lighting, so your facility is prepared for work, shopping, studying, dining, or unwinding. Well-managed lighting, in turn, saves energy, ensures security, and creates an environment pleasing to both humans and immortals.

Matrix Programmable Controller

If you are researching time clock controllers, then you probably have a pretty good idea of what you want. You are looking for a controller to save you time by providing automation for your lighting system. You are looking for the controller to be feature rich, and easy to install and use. You are looking for a controller that has a styish look and a powerful punch, meeting and exceeding energy and industry standards. Well, look no further. With its sleek design and loaded résumé, the Matrix Programmable Controller by Marlin Controls more than meets your lighting control needs.


Stellar Midas controller

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